The word alumni means “former student,” more precisely, since it is the plural form of the Latin word alumnus (masculine; its feminine counterpart being alumna), it means “former students.” It is a term used internationally for all students who graduated from a school or institution.

Keeping in touch with alumni has gradually gained more and more significance in the activities of all modern institutions of higher education. This process has also begun in Hungary, where universities and colleges in order to expand their social network aim to uphold the link between their former students and the alma mater. The University of Debrecen, as a dominant institution with the highest number of students in Hungary, is also devoted to strengthening its relationship with its former students.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for our former students to connect with each other and stay in touch with their alma mater as well as with the small community of students who used to study together and belong to a professional community. This way, our former students can be aware not only of each other’s professional progress and careers, but also the educational, scholarly, and professional work of the university. At the same time, the university may provide them with information regarding new study programs and scholarly events, and can assist former students with organizing professional and community events (such as group and class reunions). It can also facilitate the establishment of active professional and personal networks between former graduates, current students, instructors, and employers. Moreover, it can serve as a potential basis when organizing and conducting various continuing education courses.

In order to realize the aforementioned goals, as of November 1, 2011 the Senate of the university created the Alumni Center, under the Directorate of Student Relations, an organizational unit under the direct supervision of the rector. The tasks of the Alumni Center are to organize and co-ordinate the university’s alumni-related activities, create and maintain the university’s alumni database, keep in contact with our alumni, organize events for them, prepare publications, and operate the alumni website. It is also the task of the center to further strengthen and uphold the bond that ties students to their program, faculty, and institution even after graduation.

Our hope is that students who start their professional careers after their studies are completed stay in touch with their institution, and, upon becoming members of the Alumni Community of the University of Debrecen, they keep coming back to the events, and, in line with the principle of life-long learning, they continue their studies here, thereby contributing to further strengthening the social network of the university.

Last update: 2023. 07. 20. 16:38