Debrecen is one of the most dynamically-developing university towns. The number of international students studying here is increasing from year to year, at the beginning of each semester numerous students and teachers leave their home country and start a new chapter in their lives at a place yet unknown to them. Our university is enriched not only by the knowledge coming from all parts of the world but also through the diversity of cultures and personalities.

Known as director, producer and fashion designer, Malkovich traveled to Debrecen with contribution of General Electric (Ge) and Institute for Innovation in Engineering and Business Development, University of Debrecen.

Everyone who contributed in some way to the success of the organization, together with the founding members, Alumni former and current members celebrated the jubilee number. The DEHÖK Environment  Committee was established and formed on Japanese pattern on 9th  December 2009 and ever since continuously involving university citizens in its various nature-environment activities.

Nearly 30 current university professors, researchers, and former staff members attended the event. During the reunion, we had a commemoration at the grave of Prof. András Lipták, former rector of DE, who, as head of the research team, through his school and community-building work, forged a  convergent community up to this day.

The event began in the afternoon with a group photo, on the stairs of the Theoretical building. In the big lecture hall, we have listened with great respect and affection short summaries of the most important and personal events of the three decades after the common university years.